Gazeeka WeatherBox weather station in the field

Gazeeka WeatherBox

Take the weather with you.

Gazeeka WeatherBox takes realtime, onsite weather info from the field to your phone in an instant. With a robust array of sensors, GPS and 3G mobile connenction, WeatherBox is purpose built for a multitude of remote and tractor-mounted applications.

Farm smarter

  • Real-time updates
  • Accurate, local information
  • New: Hay-Ready alerts tell you when it's time to bale


Install a station anywhere on a temporary or permanent basis. Our solar charged battery add on will keep you online for years.


Add a station to your tractor for accurate, real time data for your precise location. Installed in minutes with the supplied Ram Mount®.


The CFS edition WeatherBox can be deployed on a tripod or command vehicle to gather local, up to the minute weather data.

Composite image of Gazeeka WeatherBox weather stations in the field and mounted to a tractor.

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