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  For Australian GSM networks only.    Requires an Android or iPhone smartphone with internet access.
  Buy direct from Gazeeka (Vomax Instrumentation) for a limited time only.
  Once dealers are appointed purchases will only be available from dealers.
  Gazeeka WeatherBox - (Subscription Required Post Purchase)*   035-B01-R00     $1,950.00
  12V power connection with flying leads (standard supply)**   035-E03-R00     $20.00
  John Deere Tractor Connector   035-E02-R02     $50.00
  3 pin "D" connector (MF, Fendt, NH)   035-E07-R00     $58.00
  3 pin round AMP connector (Case)   035-E08-R00     $80.00
  Battery clips lead   035-E09-R00     $25.00
  Automotive Auxiliary Power Cable   035-E10-R00     $25.00
  Optional Security Knob for the ball mount clamp   035-Sec-Knob     $14.00
  Optional mounting bracket for round rails 3/4", 1", 1 1/4"   035-231Z     $35.00
  Pyranometer (Sunlight Irradiance)   (Only available when ordered with a WeatherBox)   035-M08-R00     $143.00
  Regular Parcel Post and Packaging (Australia Wide)   Shipping-M     $25.00
  * Please Note: An annual subscription for the Mobile Data Management Network is required. This is a separate $250 payment which is required after you receive your instrument and register the WeatherBox details online via login tab.      
  ** This cable free with instrument purchase.      
  This WeatherBox is not compatible with Cellular Networks outside Australia.      
  Complete field kit to fit over a steel "Star" dropper
(Includes all the parts below)    ** Out Of Stock **
  035-E15-R00     $831.00
  Field Mount Cable Assembly   035-E14-R00     $48.00
  Rain Gauge Assembly (incl. base and plug)   035-E11-R00     $254.00
  Battery box (incl. base, battery, charger, cable)   035-E13-R00     $330.00
  Solar Panel Assembly (incl. base, PV cell, plug)    ** Out Of Stock **   035-E12-R01     $161.00
  Star Dropper bracket (needed for each base)   035-Star-Bkt-R00     $29.00
  WeatherBox base   035-WB-Base-R00     $38.00
  Rain Gauge Base   035-RG-Base-R00     $28.00
  Solar cell base   035-PV-Base-R00     $36.00
  Battery Box base   035-BB-Base-R0     $40.00
  Regular Parcel Post and Packaging (Australia wide)   Shipping-S     $35.00
  Complete kit with tripod, battery etc. (Includes Australia wide shipping)   035-CFS-R00     $410.00
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